What do you need to synchronize with your Being in perfection and full of love?

We live regretting what happens without feeling a true connection with perfection.
We are perfect, we are condemned to be happy and to be in harmony, it is only our incongruous spirit and our internal struggle not to accept change that leads us to think daily that we are not living how we would like to live.
We blame others for what happens to us without realizing that it is precisely that things happen to us, to reflect on the purpose of what happens to us.
Things happen to us to receive a message… What messages should we be analyzing?
We are at all times wanting others or circumstances to change without deeply perceiving that we are the ones who can and should change, get rid of limiting beliefs and achieve a free and fulfilling life.
Things change their state, the ice in a glass of water, our cells change, our hair, our nails, everything around us changes, even the Universe changes. And one day suddenly society, reality, your reality changes… and still, do you refuse to change in the face of events?
The result of our rejection of change translates into fear, a sincere and deep lack of forgiveness, anxiety and a deep and absurd dissatisfaction.
Faced with this reflection of ourselves, it seems that we lose our reason for existence, our life purpose and even our essence.
We begin to vibrate low, so we attract problems, conflicts, violence and therefore we attract people who also vibrate low and generate low intensity emotions that fill us with melancholy and sadness, which we cannot handle in a low vibration. If you surround yourself with low vibration people vibration, they infect you with their state of life.
It has been proven that our entire body, in addition to generating information through synapses, (because we have neurons throughout the body and they generate synapses, which is our ability to exchange information between neurons, in each organ and atom of our body), which we live, vibrates at different frequencies and finally we translate this information into thoughts. And yes, that’s right, we are what we think.
Therefore, with security and synchrony I assure you that if today you could think differently, recode your emotions and vibrate higher, your feeling, your emotion, your behavior and even your body would be transformed in just a few weeks.
Currently, according to science and multidisciplinary studies, we know that the body is the last symptom of an emotional problem, we only have to understand these symptoms, these messages and reinterpret what our body and our feelings demand of us, if you could today interpret what That back or knee pain means that discomfort and stress that gives you a feeling of inadequacy means that you could think differently, stop being afraid and anxious, you could breathe freely and then live in the present and consciously in fullness and harmony.
Meditate, what do you need to synchronize with your Being in perfection and full of love?
What do you need or who do you need to feel perfect?
Perhaps with the acceptance of these wonderful changes and recoding your habits and behaviors, today you could start your own healing, you could build a path towards your own inner peace.
You don’t need to live years in therapy or medical treatment. Just take the first step and start by truly seeing yourself in the mirror of your consciousness.
To correct the reflection, you do not have to wait for the change of others or of reality, if you change yourself and your way of living reality, you will find that light that you have been looking for for years outside, when it has always been inside you…
Conquering yourself is the first step.
Loving yourself is also the crossing of the threshold to your happiness
What are you waiting to do it?
Love yourself and Decide to live Your Magicka Quatic Healing of the Being.
Today is the Time. Today is the only time you have to heal yourself.