What is Magicka Quantum Healing?

It is the Omniversal Reconnection Experience, it is the possibility of Feeling, Thinking, Doing, Acting, Reviving, Eliminating or Transforming our reality, from our Being, into an Eternal Present. We will explain each concept.
Let’s start by understanding that we will use the Words as Medicine to heal. Meditate on these affirmations:
  1. We are a Unit with an energy System that allows us to connect with the 11 dimensions of the Universe, in quantum physics we understand that there are 11 dimensions of the Universe and although at this moment we are not going to break down each one, we are going to understand that the 11th dimension converts the Strings of the Universe into Membranes, what we will call the Plasma of the Universe.
  2. Every time we speak, think or a thought comes to us, we send it to the Plasma of the Universe and it sticks as if it were a post it or paper with glue, therefore the importance of taking care of what we say, think or believe and send to that dimension.
  3. What is Word? Here we make use of Semiotics, the Mother Science of the interpretation of Signs, understanding as a sign everything that produces meaning, through Meanings and Signifiers. Word is anything that produces translatable data.
  4. We pause to clarify why the Word allows us to define something through a language. And if there are an infinite number of languages, as well as senses in a Being, until today 36 senses have been discovered, we do not know the number of languages that we are capable of using to feel, express or communicate. We are a unique language, therefore our words are too.
  5. For example: If I ask the Universe for something, the message I send is I need it, I don’t have it, I need it, it comes from the Intellect and not from the Mind, which is all the information we have in the Cells in Eternal Present (because time is not linear).
  6. Starting today, we listen to ourselves, we take care of our words, our decrees and mandates, because they go to the mind… and our cells listen to it and stick to the Plasma of the Universe.
  7. Let’s be careful what we send as data to the Universe: Mandates, because the connection with Unity and the Universe, Multiverse and Omniverse, is listening to us.
Starting today, try to meditate, listen to your words, analyze what you ask for and what you want before the Universe and if any technique, breathing, sound healing, food or physical technique leads you to connect with yourself, to connect with the Plasma , remember you are part of the Universe, the Multiverse and the Omniverse and will transform your existence, Present and Conscious.
The act of perceiving involves different processes on a physical, mental and emotional level. So each of us has a unique way of interpreting and experiencing the world.
You are the Everything and the Everything lacks Nothing.

Use your preferred language and transform your existence.

This is the beginning of your New Reality.

Therefore this text is unique, not only because it cannot be repeated, but because this moment is unique, you are unique and so is your reading.

I celebrate and am grateful that Synchronicity, which is the true language of the Universe, has allowed us today to share these minutes of the Eternal Present that is Time, which is not linear, but is ours. Welcome to the beginning of your Magicka Quantum Healing.