7 days and 6 nights
tulum, méxico

Reach your Emotional, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual Balance. Reconnect your Being.
Quantum Healing - Emotional Purification Program - Cellular Reprogramming - Habit Recoding - Therapeutic Massages - Temazcal - Hydrotherapy - Physical and mental retraining
Live Tulum and Change Habits

¿Are you ready to change your life?

Tulum is in itself a center of wellness and energy renewal. Immersed in nature and with the ancestral energy of pre-Hispanic cultures, it is the perfect place to achieve real changes in your life.

True changes occur from the inside out, so the method we use begins with a Diagnosis of your Being in order to achieve a true Transgenerational Recoding. Our program is based on the synergy of multiple disciplines, as well as effective methods of physical, spiritual, and mental purification. These allow you to redesign your habits so you can achieve changes for a free life. It is possible to achieve your goals today in Elixir Tulum.

tulum, méxico


Elixir Tulum Healing Home

Luxury Accommodations in Tulum, Mexico

healing retreat

Together we reach your Emotional Balance

cacao ceremony

Session: One
Duration: 1:30 hours
Session: Groups of 4
Place: Elixir or Beach Club

Tarot Reading

Session One
Duration: 2:00 hours
Attendees per session: 1
Place: Elixir or Beach Club

Quantum Analsysis

Session: One
Duration: 3 hours
Attendees per session: 1
Bimonthly Plan for New Habits

guided meditation

Frequency: 1 a Day
Duration: 1 hour
Session: Group
Place: Elixir or Beach Club

bilingual Temazcal

Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 2.5 hours
Session: Group
Place: ZH – Center

Nutrition program

Meals Included: 3 daily
Snacks: 3 daily
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Unlimited
Superfoods & Supplements

habit changing

Frequency: Daily
Duration: 60 minutes
Session: Individual
Place: Various

Magick balance

Frequency: Daily
Duration: 60 minutes
Session: Individual
Place: Ellixir Tulum

quantum magick healing

Frequency: Daily
Duration: 60 minutes
Session: Individual
Place: Various

frequently asked questions

If you want to lose weight, stop feeling sad, anxious, discouraged and tired, living this experience at Elixir Tulum is definitely for you.

If you are between 18 and 65 years old you can change your life in this healing retreat.

Because we have many years of experience and agreements with the services you will use in Tulum, we have found the best possible rates on all the services you need.

You can enjoy a friendly process full of guaranteed benefits.

Our packages are all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about anything during these days that you will dedicate yourself and you can really make a change in your life.

You will find packages at Elixir Tulum designed for you with all the necessary services. For 7 days and 6 nights, you will have:

  • Luxury accommodation in an unbeatable location, with fixed rates throughout the year and personalized attention.
  • Individual advice from Experts in each area will facilitate the process at all times. All our Staff has gone through a process of renewal and transformation, so they generate empathy and understand each of your needs.
  • Diagnostics and healing processes designed exclusively for you.
    Harmony and attention 24 hours
  • 7 days and 6 nights of luxury accommodation
  • 3 meals and 3 snacks, if necessary
    food diagnosis
    Superfoods to strengthen your physical systems
  • Soul Healing Sessions
  • Biomagnetism sessions
  • Transgenerational
  • Bioneuroemotion Sessions
  • Daily guided meditation
  • Yoga and stretching sessions
  • Access for 15 days or 1 month to the Gym with all the necessary equipment
  • Specialized physical training
  • Emotional understanding talks
  • Visits to emblematic places of Tulum to carry out specific activities
  • Traditional Temazcal Session
  • Printed materials for follow-up at home
  • 2 videoconference sessions after your stay
  • Printed material for reading and daily consultation
  • Daily meditation methodology and follow-up
  • Audiovisual materials
  • Discount of up to 25% at Boutique Elixir Tulum
  • 20% discount on lodging extension at Elixir Tulum

Send your data and we reserve your place on the date you request so you can start your experience. Our advisors can assist you at all times, we will make a videoconference prior to your arrival to find out your needs and your tastes. Book today and start this transformation that we so much need.

Today it is possible for you to lose weight, without suffering or tedious courses at Elixir Tulum, we help you take this quantum leap and live your new reality better.

You will experience a change in your life and your habits. You can start a process of healing, detoxification and emotional balance.

You will find a connection with your Being in harmony, peace and happiness.

You will transform your body and your state of mind, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and in the company of people who have gone through the same process as you and will share their testimony with you.

You will enjoy absolute confidentiality and discretion at all times, surrounded by understanding and empathic colleagues.

You can always extend your stay and build a safe and reliable bridge towards your physical, mental and spiritual healing, you have all our support to achieve your goals. Are you willing to change today? Do you want to live better? Welcome to Elixir Tulum.



Carlos 42 años
Chihuahua, México | 2021

Thanks to my Healing I have been transformed. I feel full, happy and full of energy. I have no ties or suffering. I definitely feel like a new person.

Lucy 63 años
Puebla, México | 2020

In a few days I began to live differently. I live in the Present and that allows me to decide what I want to Be. No more tears or suffering.

Paola 27 años
New York, USA | 2022

My eternal gratitude, Today I know that I am able to understand my process and release my emotions without sacrifice. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, the Light is attainable.

Francisco, 33 años
Berlín, Alemania | 2020

I started to live!!! Healthy, New, Real. It is difficult to explain the magic, but everything I experienced in Healing is today a treasure that allows me to enjoy my conscious reality. You must live this always.

Margrette, 31 años
Vancouver, Canada | 2020

I couldn’t walk because of the pain, I felt devastated and full of fears. I even thought about undergoing psychological therapy and discovered that it is not necessary to be tied to treatments without real results, my Healing is real, permanent, integral and changed my life. I finally understood that I must let go of control and accept my emotions.

Starting at $1,999 USD, You can change your life

I want to heal today

We will guide you so that you learn to recognize the signs of your inner world, recognize your essence and observe your cycles of spiritual and mental renewal. In intensive work sessions, we will build together a manual for your life.

In Present and Conscious we will learn together to generate well-being and peace in our minds. Living without anxiety or sadness is possible.